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Sea Routing Features

“Any-to-Any” Routing

Use any sea location for calculation. Port to Port, Point to Port or Point to Point.

17000+ Locations

Database containing ports, blocks and offshore installations.

Channel Selection

Cover different scenarios by closing or opening channels (Suez, Panama, Kiel) and passages (Northeast, Northwest).

Custom Nogo Areas

Prohibit passage through shallow channels, avoid bad weather or customize routes based on vessel type. Simply by drawing custom polygons that our routing algorithm should avoid.

Multi-leg Routing

Customize voyage calculations by setting routing waypoints mid-way or plan multiple legs.

(S)ECA Distance

Total of 9 ECA areas around the globe integrated. Automatically avoid/minimize distance travelled within.

HRA & JWC Listed Areas

Both the High Risk Area as well as Joint War Committee Listed Areas included. Automatically avoid/minimize distance travelled within.

Store Points of Interest

Save time by storing frequently used locations or waypoints as points of interest.

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