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Generate your port to port distance table online. Optionally include other sea positions such as offshore platforms or waypoints.

How It Works

1. Upload Coordinates

Upload a file with the coordinates (Latitude, Longitude).

2. Validation

Our system makes sure all coordinates can be processed.

3. Checkout

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4. Download

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Compile Distances Based on Different Scenarios

You can choose one or multiple scenarios to be used for your distance matrix. These are:

  • Both Panama Canal and Suez Canal open/allowed
  • Panama Canal open/allowed and Suez Canal closed/prohibited
  • Both Panama Canal closed/prohibited and Suez Canal open/allowed
  • Both Panama Canal and Suez Canal closed/prohibited

Your downloadable distance table will contain a table with all distances for every scenario you pick.

Pricing for Distance Matrix

Pricing depends on the number of coordinates you wish to upload and the number of scenarios you need covered in your distance matrix. Your distance matrix will have an entry for every possible combination of two distinct locations and for every chosen scenario.
For example, if you upload a file with 100 locations and choose all scenarios, your downloadable matrix file will contain 100*(100-1)*4=39600 distance values. Since 100 is above 50 but below or equal 100, you would be charged USD 149.

Number of coordinates Cost (Single Scenario) Additional Cost per Scenario Maximum Cost
Up to 50 $ 59 $ 15 $ 89
Up to 100 $ 99 $ 25 $ 149
Up to 250 $ 249 $ 50 $ 349
Up to 500 $ 749 $ 125 $ 999
Up to 1000 $ 1499 $ 250 $ 1999
Get in touch for larger files.
File for Upload

If you have an excel file with the columns outlined as below, you can just export it as a .csv file and that should work perfectly. Make sure to set point as decimal delimiter (e.g. use 15.6 instead of 15,6).

Longitude (mandatory) Latitude (mandatory) Name (optional)
15.6 56.166667 Karlskrona
-92.652361 18.503417 Frontera
Download Example File
Have a look at a sample file containing several thousand ports here. You can also download it as a .csv file.
Detailed File Requirements
Your input file must be a CSV file. Each line will be interpreted as a position. Each line must contain at least two, optionally a third column, that are each separated with semicolons (;) or commas (,). The first column is the longitude, the second the latitude of your position. Latitude and Longitude are represented in decimal degrees. Use a dot as decimal separator. The third column is used as label for your position and is used in the generated distance table. If you do not provide a label, we will generate a label based on the latitude and longitude values. If your label contains a semicolon or a new line, wrap the label in double quotes ("). Any additional columns after these three described columns will be ignored. You can use CRLF (Windows) or LF (Mac / Linux) line endings to separate two rows in your CSV. We will open and process your file with UTF-8 encoding.